Dean Marshall
Det. Carter

Trained at his hometown's illustrious Dome Theatre, DEAN MARSHALL has played diverse roles across Canada in theater, film and television.

Born in Montreal in 1969 to newly arrived Canadians from Trinidad, Marshall's career has taken him from the stage to the screen in Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver.

From Playboy of the West Indies at the Centaur Theatre in Montreal, Romeo and Juliet at the Ford Centre in Toronto, to the critically acclaimed Riff Raff in Vancouver, Marshall's love of performing has shown through to his film and television work.

Marshall's first foray into television, Urban Angel in 1993 led to a tenacious career that saw him grow from the uniformed Constable Carter in Da Vinci's Inquest in 2001 to the plain-clothed Detective Carter in Da Vinci's City Hall. Marshall feels truly blessed and honored to be part of what he feels is Canada's greatest drama.

Marshall also plays head of security Sgt. Bates on the first season of Stargate Atlantis, on the Fox network.