Gwynyth Walsh
Patricia Da Vinci

GWYNTH WALSH is Chief Vancouver Pathologist Patricia Da Vinci, Da Vinci's analytical, intelligent, and decisive colleague. Moreover, she's his former wife. They share a child, a past punctuated by passion and betrayal, and a future of enduring professional respect and gradual personal reconciliation. Her perspective is changing as she begins a new career teaching pathology at the University of British Columbia

Walsh earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Alberta and quickly moved into theater. Classically trained, Walsh has appeared on stage across Canada and in the US. Walsh's episodic television work includes recurring roles in Twice in a Lifetime, Millennium, Deep Space Nine, Star Trek III: Generations, L.A. Law, and NYPD Blue. Walsh has guest starred in some of the most popular American television series including ER, Melrose Place, The Gary Shandling Show, and Murder She Wrote. Her film highlights include Star Trek: The Next Generation, Soft Deceit, The Crush and The Portrait. She has also appeared in numerous television movies including Our Guys, Disney's Zenon, Girl of the 21st Century, Flight of the Gallant, Girls Fight Back, The Limbic Region, The Perfect Mother, Falling From The Sky, and The Other Mother.

Walsh grins over her claim to fame: her recurring role in the Star Trek series as B'etor, one of the Dura Sisters has been made into an action figure. She describes the Klingon character and her sister as "evil, nefarious women who catapulted themselves across the universe wreaking havoc wherever they went." While the Dura Sisters were finally killed off in Star Trek VII: Generations, her character is still coveted in trading card circles and she is invited to Trekkie conventions.