Tinsel Korey
Anna Navarez

TINSEL KOREY has been performing since she can remember. From recording songs for her godfather, to performing skits for her parents, she always knew she wanted to be an entertainer.

At the end of 2002, in search of new opportunities, Korey packed her bags and headed to L.A. Unfortunately, fate had a different plan. She got stopped at the border because she couldn't prove she was going to come back to Canada. She couldn't go home though so she called her friend and got on a flight to Vancouver and she's been there ever since.

Korey has since worked on numerous films and television shows from Steven Spielberg's mini-series Into the West to Carl Bessai's Toronto and Vancouver film festival hit Unnatural & Accidental. She had a supporting role in Scott Frank's (Minority Report) feature thriller The Lookout, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt; and acted opposite Adam Beach in the CTV television movie Luna: The Way Home and landed a leading role on the Hallmark television feature Hybrid.