David Frazee
Director of Photography/Director

David Frazee is Da Vinci's Inquest's award-winning Director of Photography, having served as the production's cinematographer since the series' inception and has directed episodes "Sister's Light" Season II, "This Shit is Evil" Season III, "Sixes and Sevens" Season IV, "A Big Whiff Of A Real Bad Smell" and "The Ducks Are Too Depressing" Season V, "The Squirrels are of English Descent" Season VI, "That Sounds Like What We Call A Mutiny" and "Ride A Crippled Horse" Season VII. He also directed "A Few Good Bites Before They Slap Me Down" for Da Vinci's City Hall, and "Where Good Men Die Like Dogs," episode 1 of the new Haddock Entertainment series Intelligence.