George Mihalka

George Mihalka directed "Ass Covering Day" and "At First It Was Funny" Season V of Da Vinci's Inquest; "Thanks for the Toaster Oven," "There's a Story Goes Along With This," and "A Man When He's Down" (for which he received a Gemini Award nomination for Best Direction) Season VI; and "Wash The Blood Out Of The Ring" Season VII. His features include La Florida, for which he was nominated for a Genie Award for Best Direction. Nominated for eight Genies, La Florida won the Golden Reel Award as the top box-office grossing film in Canada of 1993. George also directed L'Homme Ideale, Watchtower, Relative Fear, My Bloody Valentine, and Bullet to Beijing, starring Michael Caine. His long list of television credits includes Dr. Lucille: The Lucille Teasdale Story, which won the Gemini Award for Best Film and for which he was nominated for Best Direction; Jack Higgins' Thunder Point and Windsor Protocol; and Le Chemin de Damas, for which he was nominated for a Gemeaux. George Mihalka also has the distinction of directing the first 19 hours of the hit Quebec series Scoop, and the entire third season of Omerta, the province's top-rated drama. He was nominated for three Gemeaux Awards for Best Direction for both series.