Jane Morrison

Jane Morrison started her career in film at CBC Vancouver as dialogue, sound and music editor, and then as editor of TV News and Public Affairs.

Jane's company, Fine Cut Films Ltd. was started in l980 - editing documentaries, TV drama and commercials, music specials and videos. In l990, Jane went to Zimbabwe as editor of Sherlock Holmes - Incident at Victoria Falls, then to Calgary for Lonesome Dove - The Outlaw Years, and on to Toronto for MOW Hostile Advances - The Kerry Ellison Story, IMAX feature film Mission to MIR, and co-producer of Journey to Enlightenment (biography of Tibetan Lama, Khyentse Rinpoche).

In Vancouver, Jane has worked on TV series Highlander - The Raven, Edgemont, Zixx-Level 2 and 3, The Odyssey, The 4400, Sea Hunt, and 6 seasons on Da Vinci's Inquest, which earned Gemini nominations and Leo Award for Best Picture Editing; and TV Movie The Life, produced by Haddock Entertainment.

When not in the cutting room, Jane can be found by the ocean - admiring the underwater fauna, or rowing after the elusive wild cohoe.