Nicholas Campbell
Actor, Director

In addition to his notable acting career, Nicholas Campbell is also an accomplished filmmaker. He wrote and directed the documentary Stepping Razor: Red X, about the life and murder of Peter Tosh (Genie Nomination for Best Documentary and numerous honors at international film festivals), and Booze Can, an exploration of Toronto's nightlife in the 70's that includes a cameo appearance by, among others, David Cronenberg. He also developed a third documentary about legendary jockey Ron Turcotte.

Campbell has directed a number of episodes of Da Vinci's Inquest: "In The Bear Pit" Season IV, "Seven Tentacles" Season VI, and "Must Be A Night For Fire" the final episode in Season VII. He also directed the first episode "Zero to Sixty Pretty Quick" for Da Vinci's City Hall. He was honored by the Directors' Guild of Canada Awards with a nomination for Outstanding Achievement in a Dramatic Series for his directorial efforts in "For Just Bein' Indian" Season V.