John Fawcett

John Fawcett won the Gemini Award for Best Direction for his work in Season IV of Da Vinci's Inquest. He directed three episodes that season: "Ugly Quick," "Shoulda Been a Priest," and "Be A Cruel Twist." After that he directed "Everybody Needs a Working Girl" Season V, "Can Bend, But I Won't Break" Season VI, and recently "Love and War" for Intelligence. In 2007, he will direct the MOW The Quality Of Life: A Dominic Da Vinci Movie.

Credits for direction include Bon Voyage, Last Exit, Lucky Girl, The Dark, cult favorite Ginger Snaps (I, II & III), Miracles, Queer as Folk, Mutant X, Lucky Girl, The Boys Club, Intelligence, Blade: The Series, Whistler, 1-800-Missing, Taken, Xena: Princess Warrior, La Femme Nikita, and Power Play, for which he was nominated for a 1999 Gemini Award for Best Director.