In his first week as Mayor, Da Vinci gets up to speed with the help of Chiefs of Staff Sam Berger and Rita Mah. During a night at the races, Sam and Rita introduce Da Vinci to two potential saviours for the troubled racetrack: billionaire Lloyd Manning and casino tycoon Roger Woo.

The morning brings news of two deaths that will test Da Vinci: an apparent gay-bashing in Stanley Park and a police shooting of a recovering mental patient at a halfway house. Working the latter case are a few familiar faces in new roles: Mick Leary is now Coroner while Angela Kosmo is teamed with former Internal Investigator Joe Finn. Also on the scene are Police Chief Bill Jacobs and his irascible second, Charlie Klotchko. Old animosities flare as Da Vinci and Jacobs clash over the mayor's social policies toward addicts and the disadvantaged.

Their differences carry over to a problem brewing downtown where a group of homeless squatters have occupied an abandoned department store. Da Vinci tries to placate their charismatic leader Joe Friedland and rein in Jacobs who is hell-bent on removing the squatters by force. In an effort to stay abreast of all developments, Da Vinci enlists his old friend Zack McNab to go undercover with the squatters. Leary, meanwhile, has moved on to another case: Lou and Chick have come across skeletal remains in a city park. Leary investigates if they are linked to another set of bones found in the same location five years earlier.

Back at City Hall, Da Vinci learns that a leak on City Council has cost Manning a lucrative ad contract. To ensure that Manning will buy the racetrack and keep it operating, Da Vinci must locate the leak and, at the same time, ensure that his councillors will approve an upcoming motion to install slot machines at the racetrack. Da Vinci's eventful week ends with a meeting with City Administrator Julia Forsythe. She is intrigued that Da Vinci will entertain ideas of cross-training the police and firefighters.

Nicholas Campbell

Written by:
Chris Haddock

Cast List:
Nicholas Campbell, Mylène Dinh-Robic, Benjamin Ratner, Ian Tracey, Venus Terzo, Stephen E. Miller, Patrick Gallagher, Brain Markinson, Rebecca Robbins, Kaären de Zilva, Hrothgar Mathews, Alex Diakun, Dee Jay Jackson, Chris Britton, Eugene Lipinski, Marco Soriano, Fred Keating, Zaib Shaikh, Gina Holden, Evan Adams, Rajinder Singh Cheema, Charlie Martin Smith, Sammy Fattedad, Robin J. Kelley, Marcus Hondro, Simone Bailly, Colin Matthews, Johnson Phan, Fagin Woodcock, Elfina Luk, Rick Dobran, Sarah Penikett, Anita Brown, Dan Jukich.