In a clandestine meeting at the Granville Island fish docks, an old friend warns Da Vinci that he is being set up to take a fall. Disapproving of Da Vinci's policies toward the safe injection site, the Crab Park squat, and the Red Zone, the Solicitor General is scheming to come after Da Vinci in an effort to ultimately take over control of the city police. Da Vinci soon learns the form the attack will take: Police Complaints Commissioner Kaspar begins a new investigation, sanctioned by the Solicitor General, whose mandate includes Da Vinci's relationship with Chief Jacobs.

In the original grow-op shooting probe, Kaspar returns an inconclusive verdict citing non-cooperation from both police and fire, and the reaction to his decision is swift. Fire Captain Komori leads a protest in which the city firemen wear civilian clothes instead of their uniforms. Chief Jacobs, meanwhile, orders an internal investigation of Constables Ferris, Winters, and Jones to remove any suspicion of obstruction from himself.

Jacobs' eagerness to make a speedy and high-profile arrest in the pedophile case backfires when Brian Curtis warns suspect James Dubreau, giving Dubreau time to flee the country. Despite the setback, Leary, Kosmo, and Finn make headway in the case when the Century Club is raided and its records seized. Finn later discovers that the club has been arranging safe passage to Costa Rica for other known pedophiles.

Progress is also made in the Red Zone murder. Chick uncovers a previous relationship between the dead john and the prostitute who attacked him, suggesting that the murder was a domestic dispute. The mystery behind Mina Basra's civil lawsuit in the case is also clarified when Berger finds out that Mina Basra's cousin is married to Billie Simms' sister-in-law, and that Basra's lawyer is Simms' ex-husband. Da Vinci confronts Simms and tells her that approval of her waterfront development is contingent on her support of the Red Zone. He also suggests that she might be behind the Port Authority's harassment of the Crab Park squatters. Simms tells Da Vinci he has over-estimated her influence. Zack, however, has gotten wind that the horsemen are indeed getting ready to clear the squat out. Da Vinci decides to put the squatters in an abandoned hotel across from the police station.

Another disaster appears to be looming for Da Vinci when Lloyd Manning finds evidence that he lost his coveted city ad contract because of bribery on council. A teary Sandra Ferlinger then gives up Jack Pierce who admits to his wrongdoing. Manning, however, brings good tidings: he doesn't want to bring down the city, he just wants Da Vinci's help in getting the ad contract back. If Da Vinci can deliver, Manning can deliver the Prime Minister, and as long as the PM is in Da Vinci's corner, the Solicitor General poses no threat.

David Frazee

Written by:
Chris Haddock

Cast List:
Nicholas Campbell, Mylène Dinh-Robic, Benjamin Ratner, Ian Tracey, Venus Terzo, Stephen E. Miller, Patrick Gallagher, Brain Markinson, Rebecca Robbins, Hrothgar Mathews, Alex Diakun, Eugene Lipinski, Fred Keating, Charles Martin Smith, Gli Edmonds, David Richmond-Peck, Gerard Plunkett, Brian Mulligan, Tiffany Lyndall-Knight, Colin Cunningham, Linda Darlow, Marsha Regis, Hiro Kanagawa, Michael-Ann Connor, Terence Kelly, Kwesi Ameyaw, Rob LaBelle, Jim Codrington, Tom McBeath, Tamsin Horsfall, Cam Chai, Julia Arkos, Gabe Khouth, Ingrid Torrance, James R. Baylis.