In the season finale, Da Vinci finds himself beseiged by problems with his red zone and grow-op initiatives, a Solicitor General's investigation against him, and a rancorous relationship with his chief of police. To placate the rank-and-file of both police and fire who are angered that cross-training will result in job cuts, Da Vinci meets with the heads of both unions and reiterates his promise of 50 new jobs, 20 of which will go to cross-trained firemen.

In the public eye, Da Vinci is still taking a beating. Frustrated with negative press, he accuses one newspaper editor, Martha Mellors, of taking editorial direction from the Solicitor General's office and asks for more balanced reporting in the future. When Mellors subsequently calls Da Vinci "a thug" in print, he orders her unlicenced newspaper boxes to be pulled from the streets.

Chief Jacobs, meanwhile, schemes with Solicitor General Ito to further undermine Da Vinci's power. Ito assures Jacobs that he will use the Police Board to reign Da Vinci in. If the Police Board is unable to comply, Ito will replace it with new members opposed to Da Vinci's policies. Soon thereafter, Ito pays Da Vinci a visit and directs him to allow both the Police Board and the Solicitor General's office to have input into his policing policies.

A break in the grow-op shooting investigation, however, gives Da Vinci a chance for a counter-offensive. Leary alerts Da Vinci of evidence that the plywood cover at the grow-op crime scene was removed on two occasions, suggesting that someone may have entered and planted the fire inspection notice that was subsequently found by Chick Savoy. Da Vinci quickly informs the police and fire unions as well as Complaints Commissioner Kaspar about Leary's impending bombshell. He also asks Komori to start putting together the cooperative police-fire task force on grow-ops. When the news breaks that the notice was planted, Da Vinci wants to ensure that police and fire are working together.

Alarmed by the implication that he was involved in a cover-up of the planted notice, Chief Jacobs instructs Klotchko to make certain that Const. Ferris takes full responsibility. Ferris, however, begins wilting under the pressure, and Klotchko arranges for her to hide out in his remote vacation cabin. But before she can leave, Inspector Arkin arrives at her apartment with a warrant. In the ensuing search, Arkin finds a pad of blank fire inspection notices. Klotchko then advises Ferris that the only way for her to avoid criminal prosecution is to take sole responsibility and seek psychiatric care.

Da Vinci has won one battle, but all is not well in his Vancouver. He learns that his ally Lloyd Manning has been conspiring to monopolize the advertising industry for over a decade. In the gay-bashing case, two adult men will stand trial for hate crimes, but the high school girl who may have been the main instigator will likely go unpunished. Pedophile suspect James Dubreau returns to Canada and is arrested, but not before the murder of one of the witnesses against him. Councillors Khan and Solomon defect from Da Vinci's Civic Alliance to sit as independents. Eastside Advocacy lawyer Phil Rosen is beaten by police. A few blocks away, Zack discovers Friedland has fallen into bad habits and is down twenty big ones in a backroom poker game.

As Season One concludes, Chief Jacobs makes a peace offering, but it is summarily rejected by Da Vinci. Then, as the mayor tries to share an evening drink with aides Berger and Rita, fire engines and police cars converge on City Hall in protest of the grow-op cover-up, promising that the remainder of Da Vinci's term will be no less tumultuous than its beginnings.

Stephen Surjik

Written by:
Sylvia Leung and Hiro Kanagawa

Cast List:
Nicholas Campbell, Mylène Dinh-Robic, Benjamin Ratner, Ian Tracey, Venus Terzo, Patrick Gallagher, Brain Markinson, Rebecca Robbins, Hrothgar Mathews, Alex Diakun, Eugene Lipinski, Zaib Shaikh, Gina Holden, Sammy Fattedad, Carmen Aguirre, Kelly Wiwchar, Gerard Plunkett, Brian Mulligan, Dean Marshall, Wayne Baker, Colin Cunningham, Hiro Kanagawa, Glen Gould, Michael Roberds, Michael-Ann Connor, Simone Bailly, Rékha Sharma, Donna Soares, Derek Hamilton, Kwesi Ameyaw, Layla Alizada, Colleen Rennison, Jim Codrington, Valerie Sing Turner, Ashley Michaels, Cam Chai, Gabe Khouth, Ingrid Torrance, Stacy Fair, Nancy Kerr.