Things are finally going Da Vinci's way: the newly established red light zone is operating smoothly, both Lloyd Manning and Roger Woo are interested in buying the racetrack, the homeless squatters have moved to Crab Park, and one of the candidates for the police chief job assures Da Vinci of the viability of cross-training fire and police. The tide turns the other way, however, when an errant e-mail tips off the police that the city is shopping for a new chief, community opposition to the red zone starts flooding into City Hall and, against Da Vinci's orders, Zack takes on a leadership role with the squatters.

In the investigation of the two drive-by shootings, Kosmo and Finn discover that the second victim was a former policeman with Indo-gang ties, leading them to surmise that the first shooting was a case of mistaken identity. Old resentments between Kosmo and Finn flare up when it is discovered that the former cop had been released from the force after an Internal Affairs probe.

Leary's pedophile case leads to the home of a disgraced radio host, now deceased. The widow tells Leary the charges against her husband were false--brought on by an angry nephew who later regretted the trouble he had caused. The daughter, however, has overheard the conversation and shows up at Leary's office with a major breakthrough: photos of young boys she found in her father's office.

Da Vinci finds an effective application of his cross-training ideas when he learns of a fire captain, Roy Komori, who has been scaring marijuana grow-ops out of his district by serving them with inspection notices. Da Vinci encourages Komori to spread the word about the tactic to other fire halls but, when the police get wind of the scheme, Jacobs and Klotchko begin a campaign of fomenting union discord. They then launch an offensive of their own against grow-ops, and Ferris and her team of female constables are given the job of rousting a grow-op in an affluent part of town. When the high-profile bust yields not only marijuana but a large cache of weapons, Jacobs goes in front of the news cameras to sing the praises of the men and women in blue.

Charles Martin Smith

Written by:
Chris Haddock and Jesse McKeown

Cast List:
Nicholas Campbell, Mylène Dinh-Robic, Benjamin Ratner, Ian Tracey, Venus Terzo, Stephen E. Miller, Patrick Gallagher, Brain Markinson, Rebecca Robbins, Kaären de Zilva, Hrothgar Mathews, Eugene Lipinski, Gina Holden, Evan Adams, Charles Martin Smith, Sammy Fattedad, Biski Gugushe, Brian Drummond, Gli Edmonds, Brian Mulligan, Marsha Regis, Parm Soor, Hiro Kanagawa, Manoj Sood, Pamela MacDonald, Simone Bailly, Rékha Sharma, Donna Soares, Anna Williams, Kyla Anderson, Jorgito Vargas Jr., Wanda Cannon, Renae Morriseau, Hugo Ateo, Rob de Leeuw, Tanya Hubbard, Daniel Bacon, Jim Crescenzo, Dany Papineau, Nathaniel Arcand, Angela Moore, Rick Dobran.