At Chief Jacobs' behest, Charlie Klotchko continues his campaign of subverting Da Vinci at every turn. He drafts a report outlining the disadvantages of police-fire cross-training and conspires with the executives of both unions to "stir the shit." Da Vinci is warned by both Fire Captain Komori and City Administrator Forsythe to back off from any cross-training plans.

Da Vinci is besieged on another front when a drug dealer is caught dealing in the red zone clinic, fueling the anger of those opposed to the zone. Mina Basra, representing a group of property owners, accuses Da Vinci of turning the city into a haven for drug dealers and prostitutes. But Berger tells Da Vinci that Basra's righteousness may not be all that it seems: Basra is connected to Billie Simms who has a substantial financial stake in the area.

In the Indo-gang investigation, Kosmo and Finn hit a wall. Sgt. Kurtz informs them there are no undercover operators available who could effectively infiltrate the gangs. Leary, however, continues to make headway in the pedophile case when the City Archives identifies the hotel room appearing in the photos of the young boys. The hotel has since burned down, but Claire tracks down the owner, James Dubreau, a prominent developer. Dubreau is linked to the dead boys, Garth and Dennis, by Clarke Messner who recognizes one of the boys in the photos and also identifies Dubreau as someone who he himself was molested by.

Ferris and her team get a tip on another grow-op but, in the ensuing raid, Const. Tremaine is killed. At first, it appears the grow-sitter had time to arm himself because the constables were trying to bust in a door that swings out. Jacobs and Klotchko, however, immediately begin floating the idea of a major organized crime connection and revive an old plan for an organized crime task force. Da Vinci counters by pushing ahead with his cross-training plans. In retaliation, the police begin a campaign of harassment in the red zone. When Da Vinci protests, Chief Jacobs pulls all police supervision out of the zone, leading to a violent incident in which a john is nearly killed by pimps and dealers.

Fed up with Jacobs' insubordination, Da Vinci angrily reminds the chief that the police work for the city, not the other way around. Neither are aware of an impending bombshell: Const. Ferris tells her lawyer that she saw a Fire Dept. inspection notice at the grow-op, and that it may have been the notice that tipped the sitter to the impending raid.

Stefan Pleszczynski

Written by:
Chris Haddock

Cast List:
Nicholas Campbell, Mylène Dinh-Robic, Benjamin Ratner, Ian Tracey, Venus Terzo, Stephen E. Miller, Patrick Gallagher, Brain Markinson, Kaären de Zilva, Hrothgar Mathews, Alex Diakun, Gina Holden, Rajinder Singh Cheema, Charles Martin Smith, Dena Ashbaugh, Robinne Fanfair, Curtis Ahenakew, Gli Edmonds, Brian Mulligan, Marsha Regis, Parm Soor, Hiro Kanagawa, Glen Gould, Michael-Ann Connor, Simone Bailly, Rékha Sharma, Donna Soares, Anna Williams, Travis MacDonald, Sarah Jane Redmond, Tanya Hubbard, Quelemia Sparrow, Nathaniel Arcand, Angela Moore, Jorgito Vargas Jr., Shane Twerdun, Jim Codrington, YeeJee Tso, John Dadey, Jennifer Lines, Nelson Wong, Nimet Kanji, Victor Ayala, Kevin McNulty, Conrad Burek, Kristine Copeland.