In a Chinatown restaurant, Leary warns Clarke Messner about pedophile suspect James Dubreau: he's a powerful and well-connected developer who donated land for a crucial youth center that would help the street kids Messner works with. If Leary goes after Dubreau, the plans for the youth center are likely to fall through.

Elsewhere in the city, Da Vinci finds more trouble brewing in the Red Zone. A citizens' group is harassing the hookers and johns by taking their photos.

A new day brings new developments: the Red Zone protestors appear to be a front group as none of them own property in the area. Meanwhile, Dubreau's lawyer, Richard Norton, pays Leary a visit and assures him that Dubreau is willing to cooperate in any way he can. Worried that Dubreau has gotten wind of his investigation, Leary decides to take the case to Homicide on the slimmest of threads--a rope fiber suggesting that one of the boys was bound. He also interviews a former street hustler, Manny Zappata, who once accused Dubreau of trying to drug him. According to Zappata, he was also threatened by a police officer who had previously arrested him but was now working for Dubreau. Leary checks Zappata's arrest records and discovers that the officer involved was none other than Brian Curtis.

Trouble starts brewing in the grow-op shooting case when Fire and Rescue learns of Ferris' claims of seeing a fire notice at the grow-op. When an irate Komori claims that he did not post a notice and that he's being scapegoated for the botched police raid, Da Vinci convenes a meeting with the heads of both the police and fire departments and insists that they work together on his grow-op initiative. Behind the scenes, Klotchko meets with Ferris and assures her that he knows how they can "make this work."

Another crisis looms on the waterfront when the Port Authority threatens to seek an injunction against the Crab Park squatters. Meanwhile, Lloyd Manning conspires to flip his newly acquired racetrack to Roger Woo, despite his promises otherwise. Da Vinci, however, has his hands full trying to arrange for the Prime Minister to tour the Red Zone during an upcoming visit to Vancouver. He again enlists the aid of Paula Hunter from the sex trade workers' union. Paula tells him the trade will return to the zone if Da Vinci can keep the cops and citizens' groups from harassing the girls. To this end, Da Vinci meets with Billie Simms. He has guessed that she is funding the Red Zone protestors and tells her that any plans she has for waterfront development are contingent on her support of the Red Zone. Billie agrees to do what she can.

The tenuous peace is disturbed by a sinister revelation: a second search of the grow-op crime scene has turned up the missing fire notice.

Monika Mitchell

Written by:
Chris Haddock

Cast List:
Nicholas Campbell, Mylène Dinh-Robic, Benjamin Ratner, Ian Tracey, Venus Terzo, Stephen E. Miller, Patrick Gallagher, Brain Markinson, Rebecca Robbins, Hrothgar Mathews, Alex Diakun, Dee Jay Jackson, Chris Britton, Eugene Lipinski, Gina Holden, Charles Martin Smith, Sammy Fattedad, Alisen Down, Yvonne Myers, Clint Andrew, Brian Mulligan, Dean Marshall, Tiffany Lyndall-Knight, Colin Cunningham, Hiro Kanagawa, Glen Gould, Michael-Ann Connor, Terence Kelly, Simone Bailly, Rékha Sharma, Kathleen Gilbert, Roger Haskett, Anna Galvin, Sarah Jane Redmond, Frank Cassini, Derek Hamilton, Colleen Rennison, Peter Lacroix, Quelemia Sparrow, Jim Codrington.