The rift between fire and police appears to be widening: a distraught woman jumps from a building and the police suggest they might have saved her if a ladder truck had arrived sooner. Da Vinci's limo is stopped in the ensuing road block and Leary tells Da Vinci about the time discrepancy between when the police claim to have called Fire and Rescue and the time the ladder truck arrived. Da Vinci is preoccupied, however, with the Prime Minister's impending visit. He is so far only invited to a dinner with 200 other guests and has not been able to get a hold of the Prime Minister's schedule nor a firm commitment to tour the Red Zone.

Chief Jacobs, too, is jockeying for the Prime Minister's ear and manages to get in on a luncheon with the PM. Bob Kelly reports back to Da Vinci that Jacobs criticized Da Vinci's safe injection site and Red Zone initiatives to the PM, and it does not appear now that the red zone tour will happen.

In the grow-op shooting case, Da Vinci tries one last time to dissuade Complaints Commissioner Kaspar from pursuing his investigation. When Kaspar insists on going ahead, Da Vinci reminds Fire Chief Welles that the fire department must accept the results of Kaspar's probe, even if they are not exonerated as they expect. The police, meanwhile, scramble to cover their tracks. Klotchko warns Ferris about the new probe and counsels her to refer the investigators to her lawyer. She can also plead post-traumatic stress disorder. If all goes well, he has a job lined up for her as coroner's liaison. Klotchko promises Ferris that after a year or so, she will be granted full reinstatement.

Leary gets evidence that the pedophile ring is still active when Brian Curtis introduces him to an underage hustler who says he was recently taken to the Century Club. The case is jeopardized, however, when Jacobs decides he wants to make a speedy arrest. Leary tells Jacobs that if they arrest Dubreau now, the others involved in the ring will likely scatter. Jacobs agrees to hold off for a few days more.

Back at City Hall, the crucial slots vote is defeated when an opposition councillor returns unexpectedly from vacation and Sandra Ferlinger reneges on her promise to vote in favor. To make matters worse, Berger learns that Lloyd Manning flipped the track to Roger Woo just before the vote. When Woo threatens to flip the track again and demands casino licenses to keep the track afloat, Councillors Ferlinger and Solomon come up with a scheme of declaring Hastings Park a Class A heritage site to prevent Woo from selling it or running it into the ground. Ahluwalia also reveals that Woo has been secretly assembling land for a new track in Delta and never intended to make Hastings Park a success. Da Vinci skips the dinner with the PM and pulls an all-nighter with his councillors to hash out the heritage designation by morning.

All seems to have worked out when the Prime Minister decides to tour the Red Zone after all. But Da Vinci and the PM pull up to the gates only to discover a police situation inside: a dispute between a john and a prostitute has ended in homicide.

Charles Martin Smith

Written by:
Jesse McKeown

Cast List:
Nicholas Campbell, Mylène Dinh-Robic, Benjamin Ratner, Ian Tracey, Venus Terzo, Stephen E. Miller, Patrick Gallagher, Brain Markinson, Rebecca Robbins, Kaären de Zilva, Hrothgar Mathews, Eugene Lipinski, Fred Keating, Zaib Shaikh, Gina Holden, Evan Adams, Rajinder Singh Cheema, Charles Martin Smith, Sammy Fattedad, Dean Redman, Gli Edmonds, Gerard Plunkett, Dean Marshall, Colin Cunningham, Linda Darlow, Michael Roberds, Michael-Ann Connor, Terence Kelly, Simone Bailly, Serge Houde, Sarah Jane Redmond, Frank Cassini, Dhirendra, Kwesi Ameyaw, Colleen Rennison, Scott Bellis, Sharon Canovas, Sean Amsing, Bob Frazer, Richard Harmon, Zahf Paroo, Keith Lim, BJ Harrison, Adrian Holmes, Jim Crescenzo, Gina Doty, Valerie Sing Turner, Luis Javier, Rob Daly, Rimple Sumer.