A young prostitute's body is retrieved from Vancouver Harbour, and Sunny notes striking similarities to a string of previous deaths. A chance comment to Da Vinci leads him to re-open several cases, causing a further rift with his ex-wife Patricia, who did the original autopsies, and with his boss James Flynn, who ruled the deaths as accidental. New autopsies pose more questions than they answer and Detective Leo Shannon is patently unhappy to have his previous investigations questioned. Da Vinci, however, is convinced there has been a serial murderer on the loose for years and finds a surprising ally in Detective Mick Leary, a new cop on the Homicide team.

Anne Wheeler

Written by:
Chris Haddock

Cast List:
Nicholas Campbell, Gwynyth Walsh, Ian Tracey, Robert Wisden, Donnelly Rhodes, Suleka Mathew, Jewel Staite, Sarah Strange, Peter Williams, Alex Diakun, Venus Terzo, Duncan Fraser, Kelly Rowan, Akiko Ann Morison, Warren T. Takeuchi, Eric Peterson, Mitchell Kosterman, Fulvio Cecere, Maria Herrera, Kelsa Kinsly, Manami Hara, Hrothgar Mathews, Sarah-Jane Redmond, Steve Bacic, Peter Bryant, Byron Chief-Moon, Nicole Robert, Pamela MacDonald, Katherine Isabelle, Gerard Plunkett, Campbell Lane, Marcus Hondro, Patrick Pon, Lillian Carlson, Carmen Moore, Arthur Corber, Tasha Simms, Dawn Roberts, Sophie Merasty, Francesco Alongi, Randall Wong, Lindsey Davis, Phil Duckitt, Lisa Dahling, Peter Mustapic.