Da Vinci has fallen off the wagon in a big way with a drunken evening at the police bar, which he can't remember. A homeless man is critically injured in a hit-and-run accident in the alley behind the bar on the same night, and Da Vinci comes under suspicion. All the enemies he's made over his career come out of the woodwork, anxious to see him implicated in the crime. Da Vinci's current investigation involves the discovery of a buried skeleton found beneath the Burrard Street Bridge. As Da Vinci struggles to piece together what happened to the homeless man, he stumbles on surprising insights into the Burrard Bridge death.

David Straiton

Written by:
Esta Spalding

Cast List:
Nicholas Campbell, Gwynyth Walsh, Ian Tracey, Robert Wisden, Donnelly Rhodes, Suleka Mathew, Sarah Strange, Alex Diakun, Venus Terzo, Duncan Fraser, Stephen E. Miller, Gerry Rousseau, Warren T. Takeuchi, John Tench, Enuka Okuma, Sarah Richardson, Max Martini, Kim Restell, Ron Sauve, Corrine Koslo, Alvin Sanders, Karin Konoval, Francesco Alongi.