Patricia Da Vinci's career is on a high when she is asked to be a guest speaker at the prestigious Seattle Homicide Conference. Her presentation involves the recent case of the prostitute serial killer Charlie Josephs, who himself was found murdered. Her re-examination of the case leads to the discovery of several discrepancies and uncovers some new clues in Joseph's death, clues that seem to implicate the police.

Sioux, who is now a police informant for Kosmo, implicates Danny in the drug trade and Kosmo is forced to examine her feelings for him.

Scott Summersgill

Written by:
Chris Haddock and Alan Di Fiore

Cast List:
Nicholas Campbell, Gwynyth Walsh, Ian Tracey, Robert Wisden, Donnelly Rhodes, Suleka Mathew, Jewel Staite, Sarah Strange, Peter Williams, Alex Diakun, Venus Terzo, Duncan Fraser, Sarah-Jane Redmond, Akiko Ann Morison, Warren T. Takeuchi, Lillian Carlson, John Tench, Joely Collins, Tony Nappo, Max Martini, Mario Battista, Rino Pace, Derek Hamilton, Simon Wong, Byron Chief-Moon.