Da Vinci, Leary, and Sunny are in Seattle attending an international Homicide Conference. A presentation by San Francisco-based FBI Special Agent Charlotte Turner turns up similar cases across the Pacific Northwest, and appears to include the death Da Vinci is currently working to solve. Turner comes to Vancouver and Da Vinci finds himself coordinating an investigation that has international implications. As more abductions/murders fit the pattern it seems that a couple, Dean and his wife Mona, are responsible. Joanna, a young woman who was abducted but managed to escape, leads Shannon and Leary back to the farmhouse where she was held and they arrest Dean. Mona, however, has managed to sneak across the border into the States and Da Vinci offers Danny a deal if he can find out where she is. Meanwhile Da Vinci finds himself struggling with the ethics of paying Dean for information about other victims.

Steve Surjik

Written by:
Chris Haddock and Larry Campbell

Cast List:
Nicholas Campbell, Gwynyth Walsh, Ian Tracey, Robert Wisden, Donnelly Rhodes, Suleka Mathew, Sarah Strange, Alex Diakun, Venus Terzo, Duncan Fraser, Sabrina Grdevich, Jaimz Woolvett, Warren T. Takeuchi, Phillip Hayes, Nahanni Arntzen, Matthew Walker, Max Martini, David Lewis, Tony Nappo, Larissa Laskin, Oscar Goncalves, Nathaniel DeVeaux, Nancy Kerr, Khaira Le, George Gordon, Gabrielle Miller, Alf Humphreys, Damon Gregory, Arther Corber, Gerard Plunkett, Morris Panych, Tom Braidwood, Marya Delver, Rino Pace, Tarik Batal, Mitchell Kosterman, Larissa Laskin.