When a street kid turns up dead on the dockside Leary is convinced that the young runaway was tortured to death by other kids and Sunny backs up his theory. The killing reminds Da Vinci of a tragedy in his past in which a police investigation proved fruitless. Determined not to let that happen in this case, Da Vinci pursues a suspect who may help him resolve whether police negligence was involved in the boy's death.

William Fruet

Written by:
Chris Haddock and Esta Spalding

Cast List:
Nicholas Campbell, Gwynyth Walsh, Ian Tracey, Robert Wisden, Donnelly Rhodes, Suleka Mathew, Jewel Staite, Sarah Strange, Peter Williams, Alex Diakun, Venus Terzo, Duncan Fraser, Warren T. Takeuchi, Tom Heaton, Shayn Solberg, Allan Gray, Chris McGregor, Eva de Viveiros, Bill Croft, Hilary Strang, Kett Turton, Paul Batten, Brendan Fletcher, Gerard Plunkett