Dominic Da Vinci has been elected Mayor of the City of Vancouver in a convincing win -- and Canada's favorite coroner is now the country's most controversial mayor.

Da Vinci's City Hall focuses upon intriguing dramatic incidents in the life of Mayor Da Vinci as he begins his political life in the city where he's been a crusading and outspoken coroner for the last fifteen years.

From the low track to the fast lane, from the back alleys to the corridors of power, Dominic takes you behind the closed doors where the deals that shape the city are made and broken. Investigating the power of politics and the politics of power, City Hall is a dynamic, realistic, gritty and no holds barred portrayal of a city and citizens in a hyper development phase of its history.

Da Vinci's City Hall. Same Da Vinci. Same Vancouver. More lives in the balance.