Da Vinci has to walk the razor's edge between morality and political compromise when a domestic servant of a national media mogul is murdered after a sex soirée... and an elaborate cover-up ensues.

Dominic Da Vinci hosts a big city mayors' conference that is upset when he and one of his guests become key witnesses and possible suspects in a murder after a political soirée and private sex-party that followed. Da Vinci is pulled further into the investigation when event hosts, media magnate Charles Greenborne and his wife Katherine, engineer an elaborate cover-up along with their associates, including the consummate professional fixer, Jean Tellier.

Da Vinci, having matured in his tenure as Mayor of Vancouver and now being pressured into running for Premier, finds himself having to walk the razor's edge between morality and the abyss of political compromise.

This noirish thriller, helmed by director John Fawcett, and starring the award-winning Da Vinci ensemble, is written by Chris Haddock and Alan DiFiore.